Routine + Rituals – Is Now The Time More Than Ever?

For many of us right now, all of a sudden we have extra time on our hands.  Time, something many of us are deficient in.  I understand that working from home, home schooling and adjusting to this new temporary way of life can be busy and stressful.  I am a big advocate for having a nice routine set for the day or week.  It doesn't have to be set it stone nor does it have to be unachievable or create feelings of anxiety, but now is the time I believe to create a lovely weekly routine (if you don't already have one) in place.  More time spent at home (hello no busy communing) will allow this to set in.  The routine/s I am referring to are those that are health, nutrition + wellness related.  Forming new healthy habits can take time.  Different time frames will be dependent on your commitment, consistency, desire and mental strength.  It might take a few attempts to find what you enjoy and will continue to do; is it yoga, meditation, a fitness app or something as simple and lovely as an early morning walk.  And the bonus?  Once this is all over (and it will be over) and we are back to our usual way of life, you will have your new habit up and running!

For me, exercise has always been part of my daily routine, as has cooking and eating healthy.  Since having a little more time,  I have fallen back in love with Yoga in these past few weeks.  I am now practising it sometimes twice a day.  I am still filtering through different practices and styles of that suit me.  But I have found a few that get me excited to go to bed of an evening and wake early to do it.  And also that extra time is where I have an hour or so to myself - which I think is very important at the moment.

If you continue to get up as your would for work, use that extra hour or so wisely.  No commuting, no school lunches to pack or the mad dash out the door.  Now you can give whatever it was you thought you may not have had time for, a good go!  Not a morning person?  Maybe you can fit that activity in of an evening.

And routines don't have to be limited to exercise.  Now is the time to also keep your current eating and sleeping patterns.  Going to bed and waking at similar times will make this progression back to normality easy.  Stick to your usual meal times as much as you can.  This will allow you to be mindful of your eating habits and perhaps even eat healthier.  Sticking to that routine, will also prove very important for our mental health. It will set you up for the day and give a guide to follow.

Try where you can to stick to routines and habits or maybe try that something new and before we know it, life will be back to the norm and we will be oh so ready to take it on!

Use this gift of time wisely:-)

Stay well,



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