Why I Get Up Before the Sun

Without a doubt, early mornings would have to be the best part of the day.  I know we all don't love to get up with the sun,  but I do, and it is often sometimes before the light has risen and I absolutely love it.  I have always been an early riser, but thanks to our lockdown measures during COVID-19, I began the ritual getting up before 5:30am weekdays.  Why you ask?  A number of reasons.


As we all know, being under quarantine with family members, partners, housemates or whomever can get a little claustrophobic even for the touchy-feely social types out there.  But for me, I love time on my own and needed this to feel balanced through out my day.  So in order to have my very own time alone and with hubby out exercising the dog with the sunrise and my kids asleep, this was the perfect opportunity for me to have some gorgeous much-anticipated time all to my self.  Starting my day with a glass of water and a few important vitamins, I then hit my yoga mat with my fave essential oils and begin my day with a practice that not only works on my strength, balance + flexibility but also my sanity and mental health.  After yoga and a mini - meditation or even just  a few deep breaths, I finally get to my strong cup of coffee (together with yoga I go to bed dreaming about!)  Still having the silence all to myself, I may pop on whatever podcast I am tuning into at present (many are health or Covid related experts on what the current status was/ is), a webinar recording from my sports nutrition course I am currently doing) or a quick read of the news headlines + of course weather.  Then I will write a few intentions/ gratitude's down - nothing to full on, just a few to clear my head for the day).   Only alternate to this is if I feel like a more intense workout (if I cant fit it in during the day or if I have a day sitting in the office) I will bust out a quick 20 or 30 minute HIIT session followed by a few yoga stretches.

Now the sun is up, kids are in the kitchen and the chaos comes and goes then all of a sudden, we all head off to work/ school.

I am OK with this chaos now because I have had a blissful hour to myself where I have had a good workout, my coffee, some time to gather my thoughts get ready for my day ahead. I am no longer overwhelmed :-)  I get that, especially in Winter, getting up in the cold dark of the early morning doesn't sound like the most pleasant experience to everyone, but it suits me.  If you feel like you need a bit of you time - maybe you might benefit from the early hours of the morning to fit in your workout, moments to yourself or whatever it is that gets you set.  You never know you might surprise yourself:)  Remember any new routine takes a little bit of time, so persist if you can.



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