some of your questions answered…

Where did you study nutrition?

I studied at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies, completing an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine in 2010. Prior to that I completed a Bachelor of Health Science at Australian Catholic University. Forever wanting to learn, in between the birth of my second little B, Baxter, I continued my study with Cadence Health, completing an on-line Certificate in Paediatric Nutrition.

What is my area of speciality?

Especially after having children, I focus my energy and passion on child and family health. Raising a happy healthy family, I can do with my eyes closed and I love it!

Many people ask me if I can help mums/ women with weight loss…

Yes, I can most certainly aim to help best I can here. Like I said, general well-being for families is where my passion lies, getting them on track!

Where do I love to food shop?

I spend a lot of time at About Life and my local farmer’s markets. These places always stock the things I love. They often have specials to fit into everyone’s budget!

What other alternative therapies do I love?

I love acupuncture, kinesiology, meditation & yoga. I think it is important to try what you think works best for you and your family. We have a great chiropractor that we all go to which works really well with our family’s health.

What would you find in a nutritionist’s handbag?

  • I always carry a healthy snack mix such as nuts, goji or inca berries & cacao nibs
  • Burts Bee’s mango lip butter
  • Flora Remedia ‘Let It Go’ roll on natural perfume
  • Bach Flowers ‘Rescue Remedy’ drops  – you never know when the time strikes!
  • I love to rotate & try some natural hand creams; at the moment I am loving Pacifica’s ‘Tahitian Gardenia’ hydrating hand cream, the best! (I found this in Hawaii a few years  ago & continue to buy it each year we go there; the smell reminds me of there!) But you can get it on-line & in some health food shops
  • Butter London ‘Horse Power’ nail polish –  the best natural nail strengthener
  • A good natural hand sanitizer
  • My Cheeki stainless bottle – to fill up with water for the day if I am on the go