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Nutrition Consultations & Workshops

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Initial consult 1 hour

Product Description: As a fully qualified clinical Nutritionist, I am here to guide you & your family on your health journey. So let’s begin.
Diet is so important when we talk about raising healthy children & families. As parents, we are in control of what foods we introduce our children to and continue to feed them. Through proper education & a few lifestyle changes; you can create a wonderful healthy family. As well as nutritional guidance and lifestyle measures, if needed we can safely & effectively prescribe the use of practitioner-only high quality supplements. Whether it be for an immune boost, reducing anxiety & bringing about calm, improving energy, weight loss or general well-being.I also have further education in children’s health and nutrition, including dietary requirements for different ages and developing healthy relationships with food. I also offers food sensitivity & intolerance testing if you think you may benefit from this.Adults and children respond beautifully to a healthy diet and well-balanced lifestyle. Myself & my team are here to put all these practices in place and bring about a healthy change.